Turbine Valves

Turbine Valves

Powerhouse has over 15 years of experience with most any type of steam turbine valves. Whether you need work on a Trip & Throttle Valve, Main Stop Valve, Control/Throttle Valve or Combined Intercept Valve, we have the expertise to support your outage on quick-turn basis or help get your spare valves refurbished and ready for the next outage.

With our in-house machine shop, we can manufacture most bushings, stems and most other valve parts quickly and provide the proper material certifications and post-processing (heat treat, gas nitriding, etc.) that you need to be back to OEM specifications.

Give us a call for an estimate and send your valves our way! Dedicated pickup & delivery services are available to minimize risk and expedite return of the valves to the job site.

Samples of previous related work

  • Steam Turbine Control Valve-New Bushings Installed, Honed, Peening Lip Restored

  • Valve Caps Before / After Peen Lip Repair

  • Turbine Studs Manufactured in House