Turbine Repair

Turbine Repair

Powerhouse can provide turnkey servicing of your industrial steam turbines, either on-site or in our shop. As a standard, we include walk-down, parts inventory assessment, mobilization, disassembly, diaphragm inspection & NDE, rotor inspection, NDE and dynamic balance check, installation of new common wear items (provided by the customer or by us), reassembly to factory specifications and start-up.

We can also provide full rebuild on your trip & throttle (T&T) valve, which is a crucial component that protects the turbine. We frequently recommend a valve check and rebuild.

Often, during the course of an overhaul, additional repairs, such as steam chest weld repair / heat treat / machining are needed and Powerhouse can provide those services to help keep your schedule on-track. We can work any shift combination you require to complete the work during your outage.

If needed, we can help your operations and maintenance teams create a set of procedures for startup, shut down and general use to extend the life of your turbine and keep it running smoothly for many years to come.

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