FARO Laser

FARO Laser Services

Powerhouse Mechanical employs a FARO Laser Tracker Model Xi in its complement of tools to satisfy our customers’ needs for equipment and component alignment or dimensional verification of parts and assemblies.  The Laser Tracker uses both infrared IFM and ADM technology to assure precision data acquisition.

The Laser Tracker tolerance is +/-0.001” total within a 31 feet radius envelope.  The Laser Tracker can access places where standard tight wire setups fail and other tools cannot reach.  Whether taking as-found / as-left data in a major hydro-turbine rebuild or checking fit between components in an assembly, the FARO Laser Tracker is the state of the art tool we use to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

The Laser Tracker has a proven record in alignment and verification in the following areas:

  • turbines
  • generators
  • diaphragms
  • machine rolls
  • large couplings
  • valve bodies/seats
  • prototype part verification
  • reverse part engineering

The FARO software is complete with report-generating capability and CAD interface for acquired data.


Samples of previous related work

  • FARO Laser Tracker being used in Hydro Alignment

The FARO Laser Tracker was used to collect data before the hydro shaft and runner were removed from operation.  The entire shaft and runner assembly we’re shipped to Powerhouse Mechanical and totally rebuilt.

On installation the FARO Laser Tracker was used instead of a tight-wire to align the shaft and runner.  Using the FARO Laser Tracker ensured a precision alignment.


  • FARO Laser Tracker being used in Roller Alignment

In this case the FARO Laser Tracker was employed to check the positioning to 12 rollers.  The rollers were being checked against two references: perpendicularity to a line scribed on  the floor and parallelity to level.  The customer was given a report on the positioning of each roller so they could determine where adjustments needed to be made.

In many cases adjustments can be made in real time using the FARO Laser Tracker to monitor movement.



  • Hydro Generator Core Re-Stack Measuring