Industrial Sector

Powerhouse’s vast experience in turbine repair lends itself well to the industrial marketplace.  We repair virtually any type of rotating equipment and are a factory-authorized Robuschi blower service center.  From all sizes and types of pumps, to blowers, compressors and gearboxes, Powerhouse is a phone call away from diagnosing problems and repairing your equipment.  If the equipment is beyond repair we can source both new or used equipment.

Other services for our industrial customers include FARO Laser Tracker alignment & metrology, dynamic balancing of rotating equipment, vibration analysis and on-site machining.

Powerhouse is very capable in analyzing system problems and producing an expedient plan of action to get your product or industrial lines up and running.  Powerhouse is also available to keep your equipment productive with a scheduled preventative maintenance program.

Whether your equipment failures necessitate onsite or in-shop repair, or teardown and installation, Powerhouse’s competent staff will help solve your problems in a thorough and professional manner.

Pump Styles Repaired:

  • Centrifugal
  • Positive Displacement/Progressive Cavity
  • Split Case Horizontal
  • Gear
  • Vertical Turbine

Blower Styles Repaired:

  • Robuschi Factory-Authorized Repair Center
  • Lobe (two- and three-lobe styles)
  • Centrifugal/Fan

Samples of Past Related Work

  • Dynamically Balancing a Rotor

  • Total Overhaul of Raider Feeder

The following is an example of a rotating equipment repair job done by Powerhouse Mechanical.

Completely repaired was a “dead” Raider Feeder.  This repair although extensive extended the life of this feeder one final time.




Initial photo’s show the Raider Feeder as it was delivered to the shop.



The bore on the housing had deep gouges and the rotor was heavily worn.



After disassembly the deep grooves in the bore were weld repaired and the housing was bored.



The rotor was also weld repaired to enlarge it to fit the new bore and then turned down to size.  A new shaft was made in house and installed along with new knives, bearings and seals.




Finally the unit was painted and packaged for shipping.  The finished product was as good as new.



  • Industrial Multi-Stage Steam Turbine