Powerhouse Mechanical Repair’s facility includes 21,000 sq. ft of machine shop, fabrication, and millwright services all under crane.

Machines include small to large platform lathes and mills from CNC to manual. Raw material with an outer diameter up to 65” and a length of 20 feet can be turned and milling large stock can be accomplished using a #6 universal horizontal boring mill.

With these large machines and a host of smaller ones, including CNC work centers, Powerhouse Mechanical Repair has the personnel and equipment to address the needs for most any project.







Attached to the millwright shop is 2500 sq. ft of office space. Multiple Solid Works licenses are owned by the company including Solid Works Premium which includes full FEA capabilities. Solid works is used for designing parts and systems for customers along with analyzing data our Faro Laser Tracker portable coordinate measuring equipment. Project updates or safety meetings take place in a training room.